ForumsSoftware ← Virta bug in Ableton Live - Vocoder Carrier doesn't work after session re-open

Virta 1.9.2
Ableton Live 10.1.9
AU Version

Vocoder Carrier doesn't work after session re-open.


I'll try to reproduce this. If you can demonstrate this in a simple Live project, can you please send me the project to support @ madronalabs? Also please send more info:

  • Live version
  • OS platform
  • Virta version and VST or AU?


Thanks for the reply Randy, I've sent both a screen recording video and the Live session file to the support mailbox.

I've tested the issue further, and edited the top post to be more specific.

Just tried in Max, the same issue. Virta doens't work after saving and re-opening the Max patch.

OK, thanks for the additional info.