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me again,
I'm building a patch to use alto with a bcr2000 and a touchscreen and notice an issue i don't have with other VSTI
maybe it's a normal feature and Aalto has a different architecture, you'll tell me

Generally i use knob with some pass if change modules ( my host is Usine btw)this way i can move the knob on my touchscreen and on the VST gui ,they interact without problems.

And, this is the most important for me, if i change the preset on the VST , the knob follow too..

but this don't work with Aalto, so outlets don't send values at preset changes..?

here a screenshot:


My first reaction was "I have no idea..." but then I saw, what you're trying to do should really work. So I looked through the code and I think I may see a fix that would give the behavior you want.

I'm not going to push out another 1.2.x release before a couple of weeks though, unless there's some really bad problem in the meantime. So, I will get this working for you, just not right away.

To confirm, when you change a dial, your MIDI stuff does update, correct?

cool, that's good news and very nice of you
it's not really midi message which pass, only data (0 to 1)( then for the bcr there's midi message but the conversion is done by the DAW)
we have a free version of Usine if you want make some test, maybe better .
Check here