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Is there any chance of iPad versions of these apps? West Coast style synths are much needed on iOS . Touch playing surfaces are a great fit for these synths. You have a lot of fans that would consider these insta-buys .

Yeah, I just signed up to show my interest. Over on the Audiobus Forums there was a thread about west coast style synths which led me here and the consensus was that Aalto is a great soft synth and would be much appreciated on iOS since there is not much choice of west coast style synths.

I have some things to finish first, but this is definitely on the roadmap. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hi. Just purchased Aalto for Mac. But I use iOS for music creation. Im very pleased to that you are considering iOS development!!


Psyched to hear that it is on the roadmap!

I own all your software products and consider your work to be instabuys. These days, I do most of my music on iPad, and am here to voice my support in favor of porting some of your technology to iOS. Also, really psyched for Sumu, whenever it lands.

The only thing I miss from my days producing on my desktop PC is Aalto. It would be an instant purchase for me, I really hope it happens!

yes: please port your Aalto and Kaivo software over to iOS machines, where it's sorely needed…

a new platform means also more work with support. I think this can become difficult for a small company. A good thing is to outsource this task. The gentlemen at Audulus do this very well. There is one who posts often in forums, proposes solutions for problems, works actively on hardware integration. Which gives the developer enough time to focus on his work.

Thanks for the thoughts. Right now it's just me doing software and support. Hopefully adding iOS stuff will help me get to the point where I can take on some help on the support end.

I opened my late '12 MacBook pro today to delete Logic Pro. It takes precious space on its 128GB flash drive. I did but then I found Garageband and there was Kaivo. I've almost forgotten I had an iPad.
All this just to say anything Madrona Labs on iOS is really welcome.

Just adding a note of support and encouragement. Love your synths, they'd be some of the top options for iPads - thank you!

I echo the desire for Madrona on iPad!

Aalto and Kaivo on iPad would be a game changer for me.