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Is there any chance of iPad versions of these apps? West Coast style synths are much needed on iOS . Touch playing surfaces are a great fit for these synths. You have a lot of fans that would consider these insta-buys .

Ok.Thanks for the clarification.

I am loving Aalto. I'd love to see an option in the future to use AM instead of (or in addition to FM). I've become aware that a few of my favorite West Coast timbres are the fruit of amplitude modulation.


It would be great if Aalto had a couple of widgets that function like attenuverters so that you can scale and/or offset a control signal. This would mostly be useful when 'multing' so that you can adjust the relative influence of the controls being multed.


Aalto is amazing. It would be very useful (IMO) if pitchbend were available to use as a control that you can wire into your patches to have non-pitchbend influence. I have a couple of patches where it would be useful to wire pitchbend into timbre and drive.

Thanks Randy. I'll use something like Midi Fire to translate pitchbend to a CC. One reason for hoping that pitch bend might be added in the future as a mod source is its better granularity.

@ianforster: can you explain what you found? I a little unsure about how the vox controller can be used. Is it only emitting the integer value corresponding to the voice number?

Psyched to hear that it is on the roadmap!