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Linux has been mentioned a few times here in one thread or another. I'm wondering if anyone has had success porting the open source code to run on Linux.

Doing a little research today, I see that there are basically two options:
1) a kernel driver based on the Linux USB API
2) userspace code based on libusb-1.0

Of my many questions, I'm wondering whether this would work in a VirtualBox instance (PC or Mac), or if that might present too many layers. On a related note, if this were done with libusb, I wonder if it would work with libusb on macOS, or if the differences between libusb on different platforms would get in the way.

It looks like libusb-1.0 supports isochronous transfers, offering both synchronous and asynchronous API, so that's promising. I still haven't worked with libusb, so I'm not familiar with its history of support or how mature the various options are. Reading their caveats, I don't see anything obvious that would be an issue.

If anyone has information to share related to Soundplane and Linux communications, please reply here (or point me to existing threads elsewhere). I've had great success using USB directly on a bare metal platform, and - although I avoid Linux for most embedded development - Linux looks like a reasonable platform for someone not running macOS on their computer.

yes, Ive had it working in various forms on Linux, both desktop and rPI, and yeah on the mac it was under VMware.

this was the libusb implementation in the madronalabs repo.

Ive not done much recently with it, as I was waiting for Randy to complete the 'reworked' tracker, but now that's done and released - I do plan to come back to it asap.