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Some people report Aalto 1.2 working just fine in Maschine. Others are having problems. If you had to tweak your system somehow to get it working, I would appreciate it if you could post here. I don't have time to try Maschine myself for a while, so hopefully sharing information can get more people going happily! Thanks!

Aalto 1.2 here and Maschine 1.6.2 Aalto crashes on Maschine validation. I normally delete VST from my Mac and just use the AU but this hasn't fixed the problem.

FYI I'm also having problems with AudioSpillage Drumspillage

@ekwipt, thanks for the report. Be sure to try Aalto 1.2.1!

I heard another report from a customer that 1.2.1 fixes the Maschine problems on Mac! Would love to hear more confirmation of this.

no I'm already on 1.2.1


hi. aalto latest release works fine for me inside maschine, on my mac. just had to deactivate the default 32-bit mode on maschine though.

cool news! ekwipt, can you try using the VST with the default 32-bit mode off?

I have the same problem on MacBookPro (Snow Leopard). Aalto 1.2.1. fails plug-in scanning in Maschine 1.6.2. in 32 AND in 64 bit. I can load the Novation automapped Aalto but the GUI is totally freezed. Not a real problem for me, because i can use Aalto in Cubase.

Great news Randy, the VST version works!!! In 64bit only though. I've also been having problems with Drumspillage in 32bit mode, but now that two of my favorite plugins work in 64bit i'm very happy.

Hopefully AU version can get fixed in both 32bit and 64bit.

But happy camper thanks again for your hard work!!

A note for anyone with the same problem, you have to turn off app scanning in Maschine as if the app scanner crashes the component it also crashes the vst version.

Well, glad you're up and running. I'll try to get the other versions going ASAP.