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Thought it might be fun to ask the community what your favourite non-Madrona Labs virtual instruments (also effects etc I guess) are. The ones that you think best complement Randy's offerings.

Sooo...have at it!

I've been looking at the Roland JV-1080 softsynth! Those sounds are very cool and of a certain time and a million miles away from what I will ever do...

Yeah, those sounds really are from a certain moment! Amazing 90s keys and those orchestral hits! OTOH, I always thought of that as a player's synth...and that Roland Cloud GUI doesn't do much to suggest otherwise! Looks really powerful though, with excellent presets no doubt.

Myself I've been trying out the new TAL synth. A very different kind of Roland sound...not sure how I feel about the patch cables strung everywhere, but the sound is great!

I would say to have a look aroud Xils Lab, to stay in high quality sounding : )

I would say to have a look around Xils Lab, to stay in high quality sounding software synth : )

Good tip, thanks. But I'm finding more and more that Randy's GUIs are so good that every time I open another soft synth up I end up thinking, but why would you do it like this?!! (This is also a very handy check on the GAS.)