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I purchased and installed Aalto 1.8.2 a while ago and there are no presets in it other than the main aalto default. It was my understanding that it comes with various presets, but when I click on that aalto default menu, no presets appear. Please help. Thanks. :)

Sorry, I finally figured it out. But wow, was that complex. Even the Aalto manual doesn't give a decent explanation for how to install and access those presets.

Sorry this was frustrating. It's supposed to be very easy: the Aalto installer just installs all the presets.

What OS are you running on? What did you do to fix the issue? Did you find the presets elsewhere on disk? Thanks for any additional info.

Hey, This sort of happened to me in virta..... I got only 10 presets installed, reinstallation did not fix the problem. Installed 64 bit Virta could this be the problem?

thanks in advance,