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I realise this is a bit nitpicky but I'd prefer if Kaivo had followed the macOS default behaviour of putting it's support files in "~/Library/Application Support" rather that in "~/Music"

As an aside though, now that I have found it, is there a problem with me just dropping sample files into Madrona Labs/Samples directly rather than using the Kaivo import function which I find a bit fiddly.

I appreciate the 8s hard limit but is Kaivo doing anything when you import (as opposed to when a sample is loaded) that would be skipped by dropping a sample in there yourself?



Kaivo is not doing anything special with the files, currently. Feel free to drop any short WAV in there. I wanted the ability to store things like grain start points with the file, so importing is the go-to method but there is not any saving of preprocessing happening, currently. If you put in a lot of long files, Kaivo may take longer to start up.

I used to put things in Application Support. Then Apple decided to make the ~/Library folder invisible by default and I found myself explaining over and over again to people both how to find it and why I would hide stuff away in an invisible folder. I could implement a redirect function for power users at some point.

Ah yes, I had forgotten that Apple did that. I have a cronjob that ensures the folder isn't hidden so I'd completely forgotten. Under the circs your choice is quite understandable.

I've found that creating a symbolic link to a big sample folder and dropping that into the Samples folder works really well to add huge collections in a single step with no duplication or slow-downs, and that the great advantage of using the import option instead is that you can select a specific 8-sec chunk from any longer file with it very elegantly.

Taking the opportunity to add support for the idea of having the ability to move the Madrona Labs folder and all samples and presets within it to any location on a computer. :-)