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Hello there and thanks for the incredible work!

Since I've got Virta I can't help but think how awesome would it be to have the same Audio input module in Kaivo. Not only this could enable a great way to use it as an effect processor, this also would really level up the modulation possibilities, and the module itself is already written in Virta, so I suppose this could be not that big deal of a rewrite.

I really hope that could happen, and in any case - thank you again for these great products Randy, and good luck! Your tools have become a huge part of my workflow and a great inspiration.

Hi nice person, thanks for the good words. I get the idea of a Kaivo audio input. When I eventually come out with a modular environment it will allow combining, say, Virta's input module with Kaivo's physical models.

Kaivo's granulator can't currently do anything with live input, because it is designed to analyze sound clips and find the best grain transition points ahead of time. So it's not as useful to have audio input for Kaivo, I think.

I get it about the granulator, but the physical models in Kaivo sound great and I thought multiple times when designing sounds that I want just that on top of what I have, let alone to do something like to put multiple Kaivo's physical models processing chains on top of the same source with slight differences, ugh that could be epic.

I'm so looking forward to the modular env idea, but this suggestion just seemed to be a much more minor thing to do. But I trust your taste in instruments big time, so if you think that sounds like an overkill at this time, I suppose you're right.