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Hi Randy,

Wondering if Aalto's reverb would ever be considered for standalone distribution? I love it dearly and want to shift its position in the effects chain, to push some other colors and instruments through it.

WOAH. Found that 32bit one you posted years ago. Any shot a 64 bit is brewing? Would happily donate for it.


Hiya, I'm planning to get Aaltoverb out again in a slightly different form—this has been a back burner project, so pardon the wait and please stay tuned.

This sounds intriguing to say the least.
Aaltoverb really is a gem of a plugin.
Can't wait to see what you come up with.

tuned! excited! so ready!

thanks randy

How about Aalto filter too

Hey Randy, any news on a 64 bit Aaltoverb?
It's still such a gem of a plugin, would be so great to have it.
If only a day was made of 36 hours...

It's coming, but as part of a more ambitious project, so it's going to be a while still.

that's intriguing to say the least.

It's not a secret—the Madrona Labs modular environment I have been working towards for ages gets ever closer to a first release (though still, don't hold your breath) and I'm planning to put the Aaltoverb algorithm out there as one of the free example plugins people can use on release. There aren't really any more details I can spill besides that because many decisions are down the road a little ways.

Looking forward to this and Sumu (or maybe this is included in Sumu)!