ForumsSoftware ← Bug report: Peak output in Virta 1.3.1, 32 bit broken

I'm wondering if this is just as my system as I'm surprised to see it hasn't been reported yet. Perhaps because there are fewer 32 bit holdouts than I think.

Windows 10, tried in Ableton Live (latest version) and Reaper (latest version).

The peak output of the audio analysis module doesn't seem to be doing anything. Dead easy to reproduce. Open a blank project, insert Virta 1.3.1, feed it some audio, and there it is.

Rolled back to Virta 1.01 and everything is working normally.

OK, thanks for the report. Checking audio input incl. meter response would be part of my normal testing checklist. However, it's possible for things to break in ways that manifest only randomly. I'll check this for the impending release.