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is it possible to do this? i can't find any details in the manual or from web searches. i'd like to store my preset folder in a dropbox-like location, so any presets i make stay synced between my laptop and desktop.

Hi there, I haven't done anything to enable this possibility. However, maybe you can make an alias somehow? Hopefully the plugins should have no problem if a network alias is part of the Madrona Labs folder paths they are looking for.

that's not a bad idea. i will investigate at some point this week. thanks Randy.

(obviously if you were looking for features to add to future updates i'd be delighted if this happened, but i'm sure you've got your hands full up with other stuff anyway, so no worries if not! :-))

Yes, I'll put this down as a feature request. Thanks for the feedback.

Meanwhile if you have any success with the alias method, please let me know.

just to update you. creating a symbolic link to the madrona labs directory in windows (mklink /D) seems to have done the trick. i'll let you know if problems arise. i'm currently demoing kaivo, and am hoping to see that the same trick works with kaivo samples. since i've created a symbolic link to the whole madrona labs folder it should work.