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Hi there,

Aalto 1.2 for Mac and Windows will be available this Friday, June 10 at around noon Seattle time.

New in Aalto version 1.2:

  • Mac and Windows VST versions
  • 64-bit Mac AU / VST
  • 64-bit Windows VST
  • Improved performance (20-50% faster than version 1.1)
  • Brand new patching interface
  • New cross-platform preset format
  • Improved dial ballistics
  • Over 100 new presets from Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Rory Dow, Surachai, Edward Ten Eyck and Madrona Labs.

Mac people, you are really going to enjoy so much more smoothness as compared to 1.1 --- I'm really happy to send this one out. Now I have to go make the scripts for the website that do the watermarking and emailing, and spend a little more time on the manual. I might be kind of quiet until Friday. Seeya then.

Way to go Randy!

Golden Master!!



Oh wow. I know what I'm doing this weekend!

Friday officially feels very far away


this synth is my soly used softsynth. i don't need anythingelse.
but what do you mean with -
"So, when you were seeing only 50%CPU but hearing occasional glitches... no more."
does it mean 20-50 % faster you use less cpu power ?

great! so excited to try it!

Great news! I'm curious about the new patching interface, can you post a screenshot?

Excellent news! This is the only soft synth I've really been on pins and needles waiting for the windows release! I'm buying this on Friday without any hesitation.

@rgiskard: same same only better. I'll post a shot in a few minutes.

@ahs: it's much better on the CPU. the actual fix is kind of a bit complicated to explain right now, and depends on which host you are using. but, it's way better on all of them. and it's free. so just enjoy it friday :-)


sure i've to wait till friday but "brand new patching interface" looks like the same as before ?

I don't know the details, but I assume that "brand new patching interface" means that the code has been rewritten to be much faster. This doesn't necessarily mean that it looks any different. I guess we'll all see on Friday.

EDIT: Never mind. Now I see the pr0n posting, and it does look a little different.

Today is the big day, shall I refresh every 10 minutes or every 5? :)


maybe every 5 minutes starting at noon. :-)

Is it ready yet?? Windows version. FINALLY!!! ;)

Ha .. it's 1:30 in my timezone .. but I have am meeting at 2pm so I'm very unhappy! :)

Oh well, I'll have all weekend to get familiar with it.

Come on guys. Time to rise and shine. :) Already 11am here. Coffee is ready to go!!

do I just go ahead and pay now, or is there a magic page change?

Didn't think it was possible to wear out the 'reload' browser button, but mine is getting close to pooping out......


Hey, there it is.


Loaded it up on my work pc ( couldn't help myself ) .. works great here, I can't wait to get it set up at home to see how it runs!

Randy, I only see the demo for download? How do i get the full version when you already purchased a while back?

Sent in my payment, playing with the demo under windows was all I needed.. I'm thoroughly impressed! Great job Randy

  • Lonnie

@toksin you should have received an email with update links this morning. If not, email and I'll hook you up.

Randy, email sent. I got the 1.1 email back in Jan so not sure why I did not get this one.

Hey guys, I still have not received any emails. Could you please check your support emails?

@Toksin: There have been some email issues with the service provider Madrona Labs is using. We're working on getting these cleared up as soon as possible. Randy is actively working on this issue right now. Thanks for your patience! It shouldn't be long.

@toksin, I don't know if I got your email because I don't see ny matching "toksin." Let me know please.


What does my account name here, for the comments, have to do with the product email? I dont get it. 2nd email just went out.