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First off - excellent work! The poly-pressure with the Manta (and soon to be Soundplane) is really great! A couple questions about 1.2 and suggestion (like you really want suggestions ;-)

1) In my Max patch I'm sending midievent 176 123 0 (all notes off) to Aalto but it doesn't seem to respond. I get the occasional stuck note from the Manta so I'm implementing this in my patch. I've been testing it by holding a note and then sending the message but the note continues - should it be cut off? Is that message handled by Aalto?

2) The "after" source is just wonderful now with poly pressure. However, one thing I'm finding as I use it is I would like to scale it before it goes into an input. I'm guessing you may find this as well with the Soundplane. So for example, I'm sending after to noise, shape and level. For noise and shape it's the only input so the input control knob works fine to scale the input. However, for level it shares the input with envelope 1. What I want to really have happen here is that aftertouch only SUBTLY effect the level so I think I need to scale it before it gets to the input for level. Does that make sense? When more than one control param is attached to an input it might be nice to be able to "mix" them so one can be more "controlling" than another. That might be a better way to put it.

I can imagine this implemented in one of two ways:

a) The single input control knob can be "expanded" or "fanned-out" to show multiple input knobs - one for each input. The "main" input knob is still there for overall input control. Kinda like a sub-mixer.

b) Have a host of "floating" knobs in the middle of the patch cord area that you can run patch cords THRU. If you had 6 of these strewn across the area you could choose to run any number of patch cords into one of them and they would all be attenuated as appropriate. These floating knobs would have a single output that could then be sent to any normal input.

Hope this isn't too confusing but would love to see this in 1.2.1 (I'm kidding - 1.2.2 is fine ;-)

Great work, Randy - you've got a stellar product here!

Sounds like an interesting solution - keep up the good work! Thanks!

If I may be so bold - Gmail can mimic any email address with a few simple (supported) settings and can easily be used as a transport to avoid less-than-ideal service provider email accounts. I know it may not be enough to get you out of this jam (although it may) but I would highly recommend looking into it for the future - Aalto's popularity is securing itself I think!

Thanks for all your hard work on this Randy and whoever else is helping!


If you look at the parameter-communication subpatch in the audiounit~ help it seems to be able to pull the current value of the aalto parameter regardless of if it is being modulated or not. You can set the value to anything via the patch or in aalto and the number value will update based on the current param.

Aha! Got it!

audiounit~ 0 2 Aalto

Specify 0 audio inputs and it works! Thanks to an email from Randy for triggering this thought!


Can you give me an idea how you got Aalto to appear and work with audiounit~?

See my latest posting at the end of this thread: http://cycling74.com/forums/topic.php?id=30046

Thanks in advance!