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Excellent as always, I hope this thing nets you some serious income.. you earned it


I love this thing.. I got the email with the full version and I'm learning the ropes .. the sounds coming out of this VSTi are amazing.. You're my new favorite person..

This will probably cause me to scrap all of my in production work and start over because this brings a whole new element.. I just love it.

It runs excellent on my Windows 7 ( 32 bit ) install and the demo ran great on my 64 bit windows install at work.. I was able to run multiple instances with 4gb of ram at the office.. this thing is a champ.

Beautiful work!

Sent in my payment, playing with the demo under windows was all I needed.. I'm thoroughly impressed! Great job Randy

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Loaded it up on my work pc ( couldn't help myself ) .. works great here, I can't wait to get it set up at home to see how it runs!

Ha .. it's 1:30 in my timezone .. but I have am meeting at 2pm so I'm very unhappy! :)

Oh well, I'll have all weekend to get familiar with it.

Today is the big day, shall I refresh every 10 minutes or every 5? :)


Friday officially feels very far away

I got a response from Alessandro shortly after I posted this.. I have all the respect in the world for him so I have a lot of confidence in Aalto without much first hand experience.. he said he uses it a lot and would recommend it to anyone... that's some high praise :)

Can't wait..

I've been checking the site almost every hour hoping to see a release :)

I finally did load up my 'hackintosh' to play with the mac demo last night but I didn't have logic installed so I just installed reaper really quick which worked nicely.

I at least got a feel for it, but I still won't be satisfied until I can load it up in one of the environments I use every day =)

I was surprised to see some presets in there that appear to be from Alessandro? did he create those or did he inspire them?

I'm sure I'm late to the game but I'd love to try this out.. I'm very impressed with the videos I've seen but I mainly work in a windows environment until I get myself properly acclimated to my mac environment :)

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