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It's best explained by following the video

Basically, the longstanding issue which affected using the seq offsets with perhaps a mod wheel would result in an effective wrap around of the pitch part (sliders) of the sequencer - however, the transport indicator would be elsewhere

very misleading and sometimes inconsistent, but essentially manifesting in this way .. this general issue seems a bit improved (perhaps) wrt using Modwheel to scan through the steps, but as can be seen here, it's not right

Thanks. I've logged this as an issue and will investigate after the next release.

ah .. 'after' .. , my heart read 'for' somehow

Hope it's not too long then, it's been there quite a while and it pretty much puts me off leaning on the sequencer as i know it should be subject to change .. perhaps videoing a patch before an update is the only way to replicate the same design after it if it's corrected to be consistent

fingers crossed

Really looking forward to a fix for this ..

between this and the other associated glitches that make the sequencer hard to rely on (e.g. bipolar modulation of step offset position will potentially not show the sequencer trace that is actually being played but not shown, confusingly )

Another issue is that if the sequencer range is set to +24 and you have seq steps at min and max respectively, it will play 2octaves apart when quantise is off - however, at the moment quantise is enabled - it will drop a semitone off the top value, so the range is reduced effectively to +23 - this strikes me as another bug - it makes relying on sequencer behaviour impossible and is problematic for me as i want to program an external sequencer to sequence it, but it can't happen until this is fixed, just like sound design

it sounds fantastic and is fun, but it's not consistent wrt the UI and it's been this way for a long time now, really hoping for a fix or feedback on this one

I think I know what you are talking about with these issues. I do have plans to do a pass on the sequencer and its UI for consistency / precision.

First I have to fix other problems that are affecting more people more dramatically, which you can read about on the forums here. So if you don't see a fix in the very next update don't lose heart, I'll get to the sequencer as soon as I can.