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Heya Randy!

I've found a thread here from 2010 about the possibility of a Linux version. I have abandoned windows for good and using ubuntu studio distro now. I would love to be able to run my copy of aalto here.

Is it possible for you to make like a beta version, I don't mind if it will be unstable nor I will complain or keep nagging about it, the maximum I can do is report some bugs, if they happen.


I still want to do a Linux version, but it will still be a while. Please keep in touch for news about madronalib, which will enable this change.

It's nice to see developers trying to support Linux these days. I'm here to help test and debug when the time comes too. Thanks for taking it into consideration, Randy. Aalto is lovely.

Thanks for writing. I have a new hp laptop for Windows 10 and as soon as I get this next release out, I'm going to see about dual-booting it with Ubuntu.

Personally I'd rather have more time devoted to the main platforms. *nix daw users comprise an extremely small group. I could understand iOS or android as touchscreen capabilities would bring a new dimension to Kaivo, Aalto, and Virta. Plus every support request seems to be more involved as it consists of additional layers of abstraction that you don't deal with in Windows or Mac, like having to talk people through basic terminal syntax for installing.

I also would like to see linux support for your plugins.

Additionally to that i'm willing to pay extra for it. (Already bought Aalto and Kaivo)

And no, you dont need to talk us people through basic terminal support. The few users that linux has, are 99% of the time nerds and technicians that dont really need this kind of support. They are able to help themselfs as part of a community process. That's what manufacturers currently dont really get.

Additionally: Installing a vst plugin on linux box is as simple as copying a file into a folder or starting a script.

As an example for a working vst environment that was fully ported to linux you can have a look at this:

Randy, just talk to abique on the kvr forums. He might be willing to help you with the porting process.

Best Regards,

A user.

Would be great to have the Aalto linux port.
I miss my favorite synthesizer.

I want to do it!

perhaps an interesting market for rPI3 :) (so ARM)
particularly, if you make it standalone... Im increasingly using rPI headless.

recently did a port of monome norns to rPI + Push2, feels like a complete instrument

something along these lines with Aalto, and soundplane support, would be tremendous.

ok, Push2 is not going to entice many, but we could be creative in this area... my Orac 1.1 for example is going to support remote display, so use your iPhone/iPad , or anything that you can create a UI in that uses OSC.

so this is a direction im heading anyway...

but still, Id probably even buy a Norns, if you basically used if as a hardware platform for your Synths and Soundplane support :)

Oh man, I hope this comes to pass. I'm using Linux more and more. With REAPER, Bitwig, and u-he plugins coming to Linux, and with everything Steam has been doing to make Linux more generally accessible, I'm starting to envision a future where I don't have to keep up an extra laptop just for audio production.

Thanks for the awesome plugins Randy!

A warm hello in the round, i use LinVST to run Aalto on Linux with Ubuntu 18 with BItwig 2.4.*. And it runs. But from time to time Aalto hangs .. i hope there comes a "real" Linux Version in the future. I change more and more from Win to Linux. Aalto is so nice !!! Good Work !!!