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Two months ago I left Windows 7 and went 100% Linux to Ubuntu Studio. It's the best decision that I have made with a computer! After 10 years of putting it off and saying it's too hard, the horrific slave master that is Windows 10 drove me elsewhere. I could not imagine using Windows 10. That is the worst OS that I have ever seen; I have seen better Linux OS's made by one guy in his garage.

I have kept all of my music software even though most of it doesn't work on Linux. Only Reaper and renoise work on Linux. I have Kaivo. It's sad that I couldn't have used it more. I'd be happy to be a beta tester on Linux for Kaivo if Madrona Labs ever wanted that. Not that I expect it; I agree that as Linux users we are a small minority.

Madrona Labs makes awesome software. That hasn't changed. I just wish that the brain dead idiots who run Microsoft had not made Windows 10. I cannot believe that Microsoft would have the chutzpah to expect me to use such trash. It's like a car that goes where it wants to go and ignores you. Every day is a battle. You want one thing. Microsoft wants the opposite. I could not longer be bothered; my finite lifespan has better things to do than being enslaved by stupid updates, tiles and ad IDs that look like a toilet, and Microsoft wanting to limit my software to things that make them money in their joke Windows store.

Then there's the big picture. The endgame for Microsoft is to make your desktop into a 1970's dumb terminal that only exists in the cloud. That's not for me. Unless of course I were a sheeple who follows Ed the Bott, the Guardian Muppet or numerous other media Windows shills who want me to be a blue pilled, spoon fed Microsoftie. Well, that ain't me. I'm red pilled. Terrible is terrible. No cognitive dissonance or Stockholm syndrome. To hell with Microsoft's trash. I'm now in Linux for good.

I have a full licence for Kaivo. But it says version 1.2.1 and it won't change when I install a later version: what should I do?

Ok, did that and it worked; now have latest Kaivo licensed. As an electronic musician I will very happy to save CPU!

So I did that and now I have a new Kaivo plug in from the C:\VSTPlugIns, on Windows folder. BUT when I open that it is still Kaivo 1.2.1 licensed to me. So what do I do?

OK, It has installed correctly for the latest Kaivo version in C:\VSTPlugIns, on Windows.BUT Kaivo still shows in FL Studio as 1.2.1

Maybe I should tell FL Studio to find Kaivo in the C:\VSTPlugIns, on Windows folder path?