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Hi Randy,
Linux ports!!? Thanks a lot for this great news.... I m so happy.

A warm hello in the round,

i sell my Kaivo Lizens 70,00 € (include the transfer coast for Randy)
it is pay able over paypal.

I will say that the plugin is beautifull ! One of the best i ever used. But i changed to Linux complet and with LinVST it runs only 70 % :)

If you like to buy (or you have a best offer) let me know:

Sold !

A warm hello in the round, i use LinVST to run Aalto on Linux with Ubuntu 18 with BItwig 2.4.*. And it runs. But from time to time Aalto hangs .. i hope there comes a "real" Linux Version in the future. I change more and more from Win to Linux. Aalto is so nice !!! Good Work !!!