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Hello everyone! I am wondering if there is a way with Virta to create a random value every time I hit a note. Is anybody having an idea how to do this?
I guess a S&H would do it but how...

Yes, you can do this. You want to turn auto off on the noise generator, then send the get from the key module to the noise trig input so that every gate produces a new random value.

Thanks for the answer.
But I am not sure to understand what you mean exactly by "auto off"

Do you mean I should patch :
Key module gate to LFO Rate (inverted)
(so gate on trigger the rate at 0.01)

The problem with this is that there is no way the rate can be at 0. 0.01, being the smallest value. It had a little bend. (Which is nice by the way!)

i think your answer would've worked for Kaivo - but doesn't address it for Virta

True, I mis-read. I can't think of a way to do this in Virta.

Then I missed the reply—sorry about that @martin. Feel free to bump a post or mail support if you don't get a response in a timely fashion.

Apologies for shameless feature requesting

A seemingly simple augmentation of the existing LFO config might allow this (and other potential of course) without too much extra work

Firstly - if there was a new LFO 'shape' which was basically a fixed-level random offset between 0 and 1 every restart and the LFO Module had a Trig/Reset Inlet (if this is viable) - then with a super-slow-static LFO, every note/gate would produce a new Static Offset to send somewhere - if this shape was run fast it'd just give the comfy-old-slippers random s/h profile - i know from discussion with Randy the LFO may not currently adapt to this as easily as it can be envisioned by an armchair developer, but no harm sharing the idea

Just a thought for the future .. i so miss the others' miniseq for such tasks : )