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Hi All,

I just acquired a Roli a few days ago and purchased Aalto today. I'm having a very difficult time getting the MPE to work quite right...specifically, the pressure sensitivity. While the Roli is tracking with Aalto, it's anything but smooth and barely usable.

Any tips & suggestions to get the best performance out of the Roli with Aalto?


I have not been able to try a Seaboard, but I have an idea or two you can try.

Try recording the pressure as MIDI in your DAW. if this data is not smooth then the problem my lie with the DAW. Likewise if it is smooth, you can record some test data from the Roli and not just use that when testing to simplify the issue.

If you have a different DAW to try, that may make a big difference. Not all DAWs are equally capable with MPE data.

Also you can try different signal vector sizes in your DAW as well as any "sample accurate automation" settings.

Thank you, Randy! I absolute adore Aalto and really want to incorporate it into the workflow. I will give the above-mentioned a try, and, if all else fails, I'll use a regular midi-controller with it. :)

Many thanks again for the blood, sweat & tears you put into your tools!

Thanks for the good words! please keep me posted.

Hi Randy,

I was able to tweak some sample rate settings in my DAW (Logic Pro X) to get the MPE working correctly between the Roli Seaboard and Aalto!

Many thanks again for your help!

This is good to hear. Do you have any specifics you can share? I'd be very interested in your setup tips.

It was simply a matter of adjusting the buffer size to the maximum that my setup could handle without latency/clipping. I'm running a late 2013 Mac Pro (cylinder) with Logic Pro X. Once I did that, the MPE worked as seamlessly as possible. = )

Glad it was so simple. Thanks for the info.

I'm looking for some help on getting Aalto and Kaivo working with a Roli Seaboard and Bitwig. I'm not finding anything in the manuals relating to MPE?

My docs are behind, and don't have mention of the MPE support. They are getting an overhaul when Aalto 2.0 comes around.

To use MPE, you can just click the "gear" or settings menu and select MPE as the protocol. It should enter the default setup where each voice is on one channel, with channel 1 acting as the "main" channel and all the voices on channels 2 and up. This is the default setup for MPE so should be compatible with the Seaboard, Linnstrument and so on. I don't have too many MPE testers yet, so please let me know how it goes.

Here are some instructions from ROLI:
main takeaways are pitchbend of 24 rather than 48, Multi & MPE on in Roli Dashboard. Slide is on the Aalto/Kaivo y output. There is no output for Lift / Release Velocity.

These ROLI docs are great, I had not seen them. Thanks for sharing.