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so very very . . Yes please! An instrument inspired by repeat visits to a creek and a patiently carefully crafted sibling to my BFF Kaivo: mmm yum! Thanks for your work Randy. beautiful structure is this instrument. lots to learn in these sketches. elegant modules. 100% it is inspiring imagined patches already. And a different way of listening to water and beneath-sand-dune samples at the core of all my music these days. “How would this be patched in Sumu?” If you need usability beta testers for the loris tool I’m down for that too.

Here are some instructions from ROLI:
main takeaways are pitchbend of 24 rather than 48, Multi & MPE on in Roli Dashboard. Slide is on the Aalto/Kaivo y output. There is no output for Lift / Release Velocity.