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I'm not sure this is what is going on, but in Logic Pro X, I had to increase the I/O buffer size to 1024 to get the patches to play without an error dialog and the audio engine stopping. But after setting it to 1024, very often the patches will have not audio output til I either rewind or, in some cases, quit and restart my project.

Is this a known problem? Is there anything I can provide to troubleshoot this?

thank you!

Greg K.

Sorry for the trouble. This sounds like a bug that I am currently looking into with Kaivo, but I haven't heard about this issue with Virta. Please stay tuned for betas to test soon.

ok, great! thank you.

I'm having similar issues when loading projects that contain an instance of Virta too. It's such a small issue though that it barely warrants a mention but I just thought you might like to know for troubleshooting sake, Randy,

When opening a project with certain Virta patches I seem to have to either load the plugin again or just change the preset back and forth once to reinstate the saved patch. It doesn't happen with every preset and I have't noticed a theme between which patches will load straight away and which won't but after some quick testing I have the same problems with those particular presets no matter how I set up my project or DAW.

Anyway thanks :D

Well, it's an issue I am taking seriously. If the update I'm working doesn't fix it, I'll try to get some projects / patches from to to test. Thanks for the info.

As discussed a bit with Randy offline, i'd just like to add that it is plaguing me - but to add a bit of a workaround - i find that if i go from passthrough to one of my own very benign patches and work through my own presets or adapt one i get a lot of mileage out of playing - the minute i load some of the factory presets i get huge clicks and most often dead audio out

one particular patch was consistently freezing my vst in Max - 'fuzz fifths trumpet'
so i took an opportunity to look a bit more into it and i could see there was some clicking occurring only on the vst in max, au and vst elsewhere were better

i boiled it down to the following - in a patch with no cabling and carrier thru set - if i have a wet output high from formants going into a lopass with 0 level with a delay input of 1 and the delay wet only at 1 - any time i move the pitch knob above 1 it would click these big dc offset spikes

if i unchecked lopass, reduced the aforementioned levels it would go away (as would setting to pitch 1.0 - but as soon as pitch 1.0 was increased all hell would break loose

i could reproduce this from the passthrough patch in Max with the VST

Formants 100% wet (only) >
Lopass Level 0
Delay Input 1.0 >
Pitch 1.0 >
Delay wet (only) 100% >
Output Delay in 1.0

Whilst this may not be repeatable in other hosts, it may give a clue to underlying areas which are marginal and could be contributing to these crashes - like i said - for me - the biggest single cause was loading up factory presets (some of which are clearly not quite up to date, some show no oscillator name, along with the odd few showing delay time of 20ms) it's almost like those presets are being stored for an older version than the present and the new UI is not adapting

far too many of the presets start with a huge audio spike, it's quite unsettling, even if the audio continues to work, it's not relaxing - i also think this may point to underlying happenings at the time presets are started

PS anyone know how to start from something other than passthrough as a launch default
because i'm re-starting so frequently - i really want the assurance that audio is on by having it start with a gentle steady sin tone for now, even naming that patch 'a' doesn't allow it to jump the queue