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i don't know if a thread like this already exists, i didn't find one..
my question is about the body section of kaivo and if there are plans to add more body types. there is a big variety already there, the names of the bodies are really just starting points as stated in the manual, however i would love to have a few more resonant bodies with weird or unusual shaped for example.
btw is the body section based on impulse responses of real chambers?
...oh, i just sat here catatonic in front of the screen and thought about how a klein bottle would sound in the body section...jeez, would that even be possible...computing a non-orientable surface would mean you would have two spaces, the inside but also the outside, the room where the bottle stands...ah, nevermind, my brain wanders...

More bodies are definitely coming in the future. I tried a tube model for the 1.0 but it did not make the cut. I'll definitely revisit that idea, Kaivo needs more "hollow" sounds.

great, thanks randy!