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I just bought Virta and I´m (again) very happy with it´s functionality, sound and the general idea behind it.
The three madrona Labs Soundengines are the only soft-synths I go to when working in the box- otherwise it´s all hardware for me.

Now, coming from the modular hardware world, I´m so pleased with Virtas Audiotrackingmodule, I´d love to be able to connect Kaivo or Aalto to it.
That brought me to an idea for a little interconnection box between an instance of Virta and Kaivo/Aalto, that pops up on the leftmost side of the patching window and passes through Controldata (and Audiosignals?) from the other instance) and vice-versa.

That´s just a naive idea without actually caring about the problems (polyphonie, CPU-Power, Multi-Instances, etc.)

Just throwing it out there, what do you think?

Der Tonvater

I like the idea of a connection between ML modules...the issue I see is that its the DAW that hosts the plugins, so whilst you could make Aalto know about an instance of Virta, it'd be hard to know it was on the same track.

but can't you do what you want already ?
there are two types of control really, global plugin control, and per note/voice...

the former can mostly be controlled by plugin automation, in something like ableton, you can use M4L and racks to view a plugin chain (Aalto->Virta) as one device.

per note/voice is a bit more difficult, but if you use t3d(osc) or MPE, then different notes are on different channels, but importantly, its consistent. e.g. the same note is on the same channel across both plugins.
(it limits you to note, velocity, channel pressure, CC74... but thats pretty good)

of course the audio cannot be per voice, as the aalto output is 2 channel, and virta input is 2 channel. that could be an interesting possibility, have multi channel audio input and output on ML plugins... its feasible in the AU/VST specs, but possible on Virta (input) would be very high cpu load.

perhaps we will have to wait for the ML modular :)
(what with Reaktor blocks, softube modular... looks like the time is ripe :) )

Hi Tonvater, thanks for the good words.

I can see the use of Virta's tonetracking module in other contexts, for sure. I was about to say that it's impossible to get signals out of the patcher, in general.

But with Virta that's not really true! There is the one "aux" input to the mixer / output module in Virta. So if you have a way of setting up a DAW with another module that can respond to this... eh maybe it's something but since only one output, probably not generally useful.

I do plan to make a modular plugin that will have some of the modules from the other instruments. I think this is the real answer.

"I do plan to make a modular plugin that will have some of the modules from the other instruments. I think this is the real answer."

That would be a dream. Any chance of a comb filter? Or does the Resonator module already accomplish a similar function?

There will be modules from the existing synths and many others. Certainly a comb filter.

Woo hoo! Thanks Randy.