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Virta version 1.0.1 (VST.64) Windows 8.1 FL Studio 12


I encoutered a strange problem with the gate signal out of the audio module. I tried to change the key synth preset "fuzz trumpet fifths" to an audio synth preset. But although the gate signal blinks on the gate output nothing happens on the target levels the envelope is routed to. Only if there is an initial MIDI trigger note if I press play and start the playback of the audio files the gate signals from the audio module have an effect. But there is no connection from the key module at all! And if I spend the MIDI signal meanwhile the palyback is playing it doesn't matter. Only if I stop the playback and start it again, then the gate signals does not work again. I want to know, whether it is a FL Studio phenomenon only and You can download my modified patch here: trumpet fifths audio

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Hi Stefan,

in this patch you have the toggle "x env" on in ENV2. This multiplies the envelope by the MIDI note velocity. When the envelope is triggered by audio, the results may be confusing. This may explain what you are experiencing.

Ahhh ...! This toggle wasn't apparent for me. If it is switched off the patch works as expected. It is not mentioned in the manual.

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I think if it was possible for the input to discern when a non midi input is arriving it'd be worth considering automatically 'bypassing' the 'x vel' toggle for this very reason