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hi randy,

i have a question about how the voices count through in aalto. recently i find myself working alot with 4 voice sequences where every voice has its little sequence so that i can play very nice moving sequenced with midi input by transposing each voice separately. but that is quite a hassle because aalto doesnt reset its voice counting to zero when starting the daw (logic). now i have to play and stop the daw several times to get the voice count to zero eg voice 1 plays with the first midi note...i hope you understand! anyhow, it would be nice to reset to voice one with a click or something. or is there a way i just didnt find?

thank you,

ahhh, stupid me! i found an easy answer, i just use the mpe protocol. is it normal that the mpe protocol starts with midi channel 2 for voice 1? anyway, thats a great new way of playing aalto, great!

MPE is a good workaround, and yes it's normal that it starts on channel 2. Channel 1 is a kind of global control channel. You can read the full MPE spec draft here:

I hear you about restarting on voice 1. I can't think of an easy way to do it currently. You could try adding automation that changes the number of voices to 1 and back to 4, I think that will work.