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It looks amazing cannot wait to use it as I am working on a vocal piece at the moment. Great work Randy.

Food for thought (although I would imagine your have enough well meaning suggestions)

I like the simplicity of the one knob for the formant oscillator but thought how kaivo's 3D LFO could navigate a vocal chart like this.

Anyway that is for the very distant future. Virta is now! Great to see it. Also great tip about compressing each formant in the vocoder!!!

Oh I am really curious to take this beyond classical vocoder sounds!

@smuff: I see the value of having a one knob solution, but I also had to think of the Grendel. Maybe a good solution would be to have both. Imagine two knobs and a toggle. If the toggle is off the Two knobs work in X/Y-mode (Knob 1 controls x, knob 2 controls y). If the toggle is on, knob 1 works as it works now (tracing a path through this two dimensional field) and knob 2 changes the path according to a complex fuinction.
With that you could still do the one knob path thing but you could dial in different paths (or even change paths via automation). I see great potential in that.

I was thinking of adding different paths in the future if that seems useful. Ideally the path is a little script or something that you could make yourself.

Sounds great. Sorry for the distraction. Good luck with it all. Best