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I love Aalto vst, but really i can't use it in any project because once i insert it in any project, it eats all the cpu and remmains totally useless. I think that this problem has last too long now, and should be resolved. I wouldn't have bought it if I new this permanent issue.

Hi tobyto,

while Aalto (and especially Kaivo) are both CPU hungry, they never where unusable to me. I can easily use 5+ Aalto instances on my Notebook.

What are your Hardware specs? What system are you using? What DAW? Did you consider freezing your tracks?

Hi atoav ! Thanks for your answer ! Here are my hardware specs :

Processor Intel Core i7 Q.720 @1.60GHz

RAM :8.00 Go

Windows 10 64 bits

Yes i can use Aalto, when its alone but if I have a project with others plugins like Omnisphere, Native Instruments, or else, I really can't use it even when freezing tracks. I work on Live 9 64 bits, with Aalto 64 bits plugin, but even like that, some presets put the CPU range at 70%/100%. It's really frustrating for me. Moreover, freezing Aalto is a non-sense for me because doing that, you cut the modulation possibilities who are the biggest interest of this software.
Thanks again atoav!

It's hard to guess because there is a wide variety of Windows systems out there, but I would guess Aalto should take no more than 25-30% of your CPU. Aalto is far from the most CPU-intensive soft synth these days.

What happens if you close the plugin window? If using Live, make sure to close it by clicking the close window box or wrench. Do not simply switch to another track, because Live can keep tying up CPU when the window is merely hidden.

If closing the plugin window helps, you can work with smaller windows, or turn animations off to get better performance.

Unlike most synths Aalto is always active, so it may look scary because CPU is eaten without playing a single note. However, playing notes does not increase this amount much. Aalto's DSP models discrete, individual voices that are simply running all the time. This is by design, to make a more flexible sound making tool.

I'm on a win10 laptop. Aalto CPU usage is all over the place if I use balanced or power saver power plan, but everything works properly in high performance mode. Seems to have something to do with automatic CPU throttling, so I guess it's supposed to work that way.
Maybe check your power plan settings?
Cheers, Jakob

Thanks for the tip.

Hi guys ! First thanks a lot for your answers, its really really kind of you! Jakob, u help me to lower CPU charge, my computer was not in "high performance mode" I don't know why. However, even with that my CPU charge is aroud 48/54 % and more (ex: pelican'sjabber 68%, zen garden 69%...) it's really huge and have no solution working. I don't have this issue with other plugins, not that much, to be fair.
Maybe i should buy another computer...

Did you try turning animations off and closing the window to see if it was graphics issues?