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I'm on a win10 laptop. Aalto CPU usage is all over the place if I use balanced or power saver power plan, but everything works properly in high performance mode. Seems to have something to do with automatic CPU throttling, so I guess it's supposed to work that way.
Maybe check your power plan settings?
Cheers, Jakob

I have a similar problem with CPU usage.
I'm using Aalto 1.4b6 in Ableton Live 9.0.6 on a 2.13 GHz Core2Duo, 4GB RAM laptop running 32 bit Windows 7.

Before updating Aalto, CPU usage reported by Live was a stable 42% (four voices). With 1.4 it's 55% while playing MIDI notes, but jumping to 77% when Aalto makes sound without incoming MIDI.
When Aalto is running but not producing sound, it looks like Live turns Aalto off (CPU ~2%). I don't remember this happening before updating.

I updated Live 9.0.4->9.0.5 at the same time as I updated Aalto, so I can't know for sure which one is the reason.
Maybe if you can provide a download of the old version of Aalto, I can find out?

Aalto has been my main instrument for playing live since I bought it last year, but this CPU usage problem makes it impossible for me to use it in a live session, so I really hope it can be fixed.
Anyway, thanks for making such a fantastic musical instrument!