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Windows users are has-been?

Hi Randy, would love an invite too, if possible. Love

Hi !
I just wonder if Josh, the one who made the (very good) Youtube's tutorial series for Aalto is still working at Madrona Labs ? He said he was going to do the same for Kaivo, but he kind of disappeared : ). Hope he's doing well!!

I personally love the non-conventionnal and hyper-creative way of making plugins here. I don't really think we need another drum machine among billions of even very good ones sometimes. I'm more excited by Sumu than any Drumulator Of The Dead Again.

I tested Aaltoverb and it's a really nice tool. But , honestly, comparing to what you can find in the market (e.g klevgränd reverbs and some others), I believe it's too expensive considering the limited controls it offers. I'm also a bit a bit surpised that loyal customers didn't received any discount price. All that made me not buying it, I'm sorry. Butt I'm still waiting for Sumu with love : )

I would say to have a look around Xils Lab, to stay in high quality sounding software synth : )

I would say to have a look aroud Xils Lab, to stay in high quality sounding : )

Ok, I'm stupid ! Forgotted we have to install them separatly, just downloaded it. Sorry to bother! :)

Hi Randy,
I isntalled twice Kaivo 1.2.1 to be sure and the same issue is happening : all Kaivo presets are missing ! How could I fix this, or could you send me a previous version download link ? Thanks a lot!

(Windows 8.1/Live Suite 9.7/8GB RAM/icore7)

I love Aalto vst, but really i can't use it in any project because once i insert it in any project, it eats all the cpu and remmains totally useless. I think that this problem has last too long now, and should be resolved. I wouldn't have bought it if I new this permanent issue.

Hi guys ! First thanks a lot for your answers, its really really kind of you! Jakob, u help me to lower CPU charge, my computer was not in "high performance mode" I don't know why. However, even with that my CPU charge is aroud 48/54 % and more (ex: pelican'sjabber 68%, zen garden 69%...) it's really huge and have no solution working. I don't have this issue with other plugins, not that much, to be fair.
Maybe i should buy another computer...

Hi atoav ! Thanks for your answer ! Here are my hardware specs :

Processor Intel Core i7 Q.720 @1.60GHz

RAM :8.00 Go

Windows 10 64 bits

Yes i can use Aalto, when its alone but if I have a project with others plugins like Omnisphere, Native Instruments, or else, I really can't use it even when freezing tracks. I work on Live 9 64 bits, with Aalto 64 bits plugin, but even like that, some presets put the CPU range at 70%/100%. It's really frustrating for me. Moreover, freezing Aalto is a non-sense for me because doing that, you cut the modulation possibilities who are the biggest interest of this software.
Thanks again atoav!