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any chance of native Linux versions of Madrona Labs synthesizers? ...within the next ten years?

You owe it if for nothing else than for using finnish names. Kidding aside, it's a serious platform for music nowadays with plenty of commercial stuff on offer already. Madrona Labs line of instruments would definitely fit in.

I have no firm plans, but for what it's worth I get more interested in doing Linux versions every year.

Glad to hear that -- here's me hoping it won't take several years to get you interested enough.

I am also interested in a Linux version. My Linux migration finally depends on other software too, but I am always an the lookout for news and a Linux version is always a good plus point.

I am also interested in a Linux version.
Many Windows VST/VSTi plugins work with Linux. Obviously a native linux version is more appreciated.
With Linux you can build a true real-time hardware synth as an embedded hardware/software linux system!

i´ve purchased aalto and like it a lot. it´s one of the things stopping me from migrating to a dedicated Linux box (much more attractive now there's native Linux Bitwig)

I hope that in the meantime, the bitwig team can come up with some bridging plugin to be able to run windows VSTs in linux, inside the daw

I hear the desire for Linux support. Slowly moving in that direction.

Hey Randy,

I just bought Virta and I'm loving it so much I've started dreaming of putting it on a DIY hardware VST host for live gigs. I was thinking on a raspi-based one, but that would mean to have a linux/ARM compiled version of Virta. Not sure if that will ever happen... but it would be so cool.

I encourage you to keep moving in the Linux direction, even if it's slowly.


steinberg recently announced their sdk now supports linux from the box

u-he already releasing their new products under linux, seems like they have no competition there :/

any chance on having synths this/next year ? pleease ;(

Thanks for the info about Steinberg and u-he. I just don't have a timetable for this. There is no one more sad about it than me. I am the only programmer making instruments for this small company of mine and I don't have time to do all of the cool projects I would like to.