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It could be cool but I have no such plans.

I like the idea of Aalto working on an iPad, I really do. But as far as I can tell, people are not willing to pay enough money for iPad apps to support my developing one. That's my current impression and I am open to suggestions.

I understand.

There are iPad apps that cost much, but they are dedicated for professional applications. Mostly related to film industry.

Myself I'm happy with my Lemur interface to control Aalto on a computer. Although in future I might buy a more powerful iPad (currently the most powerful iPad I own is 4th generation). In this case a software like Aalto might run well on such an iDevice with enough CPU power.

I think this is something to think about in the future. Maybe in the near future, who knows.

The developers forum suggested it is trivial addition as it is still a full AU as Aalto/Kaivo already are. Perhaps this could be paid upgrade for those who already own the full Aalto/Kaivo rather than an App style purchase price.

But I take your point you have enough on your plate. Good luck with Virta.



It would be a cool thing to have, so I'll stay tuned for info. I'm not up on all of Apple's latest. I do know that Aalto would have to be recompiled for ARM at the very least.

I like the idea of it as an add-on to the full version.

Look forward to seeing how this pans out. All the best. S