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A minor update, this 1.2.1 version of Kaivo for Mac and Windows brings a couple of fixes to the new granulator code.

  • fixed high CPU usage when granulator pitch env was high
  • fixed distortion with certain pitch env settings in granulator

Randy check please 121 installer distributive (Win 32bit vst versia), i uninstall 120 then installed 121 but version on GUI marked the same as 120, and the same cpu behavior.
Also as evidence the fact that the host does not read (not re-scan) the updated dll.
Probably in the installer still contains the previous dll version?

Oops, installer problem. Will fix shortly.

Thank good.

OK, the installer should be good on Windows now.

hi randy. there's a nasty bug in 1.2.1 with the 'string' models in the resonator (osx 10.9.5). emailed you the details. cheers!

[edit] not a bug!

Thanks for the report.

What you are describing is a lockup that can occur when turning "nonlin" up. Turning "nonlin" down will restore the resonator to its happy place. I'll work on a fix.

1.1 does the same thing. I haven't changed anything with the resonators in 1.2.

ahh ok thanks. was just testing that patch again – i guess patching a superfast LFO-2D into the Granulator's Trigger wasn't helping with the insane volume levels - megastacked audio overload! the Limitier was working its ass off :)

I would still call it a bug, or math fail, anyway, because the resonator shouldn't lock up like that. Made a note and will try to fix for whenever the next Kaivo update is.

cool thanks

Since updating to Kaivo 1.2/1.2.1 I get constant crashes when loading Ableton Live projects containing Kaivo 1.1 VST on Mac/Yosemite/32 Bit/Live 9.2.2 or 9.2.3.

Could you please supply me 1.1 install package to check whether this is the reason? I haven't got it anymore on my computer.

Hi Stefan,

I added the 1.1 download to your account.

If you send a Kaivo 1.2.1 patch to Kaivo 1.1, the 1.1 version will be confused and possibly crash. Maybe this is happening somehow?

Thanks for quick reply, the projects can be loaded again without crashing. But how can I use old projects with new Kaivo version? Do I have to delete the old presets first? I yes, how can I do this?

When I am starting a new project with Kaivo 1.2.1 it works fine.

Upgrade from 1.1 -> 1.2 should of course be OK. The old patches will be translated to the new format. Selecting any old preset is also fine on the new version. The patch will be translated.

Going back from 1.2.1 to 1.1 there may (unfortunately) be problems. The intent is of course not to crash, but I confess I have seen a crash with 1.1 loading 1.2 presets. So, if you are seeing crashes, make sure you are running the new version and not the old one. I was wondering if possibly you have a 1.2.1 VST but 1.1 AU, or something like that.

"convert presets" will convert all your .aupreset files to .mlpreset format, which will be the only preset file format in the future.