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With all its flexibility, Virta should be a useful tool for all those times when you get an idea for a new way to mangle audio, but the idea isn’t so complicated that you need to reach for Max/MSP. It’s going to sound great. More info and pricing late September.

This text is from newsletter. I hope to see some Virta news today. :)

Dying to show you something! The beta is very near completion and when it is being tested I'll make a few demo vids.

Dying to show you something!

Dying to hear something :)

Can't wait!

Looking forward to it Randy.

Aatlo,Kaivo and upcoming Virta are all great! if there are more acoustic instrument preset like ROLI Equator,that would be fantastic! Soundplane is amazing!I though lots of guys would like to play some string or woodwind instruments with Soundplane!

Only just heard about this - bloody fantastic news!!! Any chance of beta testing?

my money

take it


Very excited about this, and would def be interested in beta testing if you needed!

Beta testing is closed now, release is coming very soon.

Yeah awesome Randy!