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Hi Randy,
It seems that any alternate scale other than 12-equal has a bug when played in Kaivo 1.1. I have been playing with these scales in Aalto and have not encountered the same problem.
What happens is this: the final note of a given scale sounds 2 octaves higher. It repeats as you go up chromatically, so in a pentatonic scale for instance, every 5th note sounds two octaves higher. Any idea what the issue is here?
I am using Ableton Live 8 on a Macbook Pro OS Yosemite

Hmm, I haven't heard of this before. I'll check before releasing the update to make sure this is fixed.

Hi Randy,
An update: Looking closer at this I realized that my initial diagnosis was slightly off. Actually there is an extra step added to all of the scales, and this extra step is the one that plays two octaves too high (and not part of the scale).
So to correct my example above, what happens with the pentatonic scale is that every 6 notes, after the completion of the pentatonic scale, there is an extra note playing two octaves higher.

i just downloaded the latest demo version. and im having a very close issue. 2nd note on my scale is some octaves higher. and i kaivo wont set change its base frequency according to the scale.

im considering buying this synth for xenharmonic usage and this is a deal breaker :(

Thanks for the report. Can you send me the scale that is failing to work?

ive emailed you the scale and the keyboard mapping for it.
they produce different kind of issue when loading them together or just the scale.

Thanks, will look at it soon.

Hi, I have the same thing happening. There is one note always much higher than others. Also kbm files seem to be ignored or not interpreted correctly. Example would be the young-lm_piano.scl file, which is correct but is supposed to have Eb as a root. I created a kbm file to use Eb as the root note but it does not work. I tried for quite awhile to get this to work and the results were never correct. I had this same problem in Aalto (the kbm, not the higher added note).

Is there a global transpose somewhere on these plugins? That could be an easy fix.


Hi @walker I'm sorry I missed your post.

I actually found this thread through a search just now because I'm working on this issue. so I hope to have a fix for you very soon.

There's not yet a global transpose. It would be useful, I realize!