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Thanks for fixing the kbm support in Scala! Really excited to try it out.

Hi, I have the same thing happening. There is one note always much higher than others. Also kbm files seem to be ignored or not interpreted correctly. Example would be the young-lm_piano.scl file, which is correct but is supposed to have Eb as a root. I created a kbm file to use Eb as the root note but it does not work. I tried for quite awhile to get this to work and the results were never correct. I had this same problem in Aalto (the kbm, not the higher added note).

Is there a global transpose somewhere on these plugins? That could be an easy fix.


I've been following developments on this since before Aalto was announced, and now I'm more excited than I have been at any other point! Time to start saving.

I can't tell you how excited this makes me! I finally had the extra funds to shell out for Aalto about a month ago and the news of the Soundplane's impending release sparks another set of brain waves. Glad Aalto is getting press! Do we have a pretty big userbase by now?

I tried parameter automation in Live. I'm not at that computer right now to give the details, but the various knobs did not show up in automation or controller lists.

I had no problems running the demo in Live 8, except that the presets folder was not created. Not a problem because tweaking out is the name of my game when I try a new synth!
I ran it in Logic and the presets folder appeared, but I had the same problem as ignatius, it did not pass validation. It ran fine once I forced it though.
I'm loving the synth so far. The sound is very pleasing, as is the semi-modular architecture and the GUI.
With the update and sequencer host synchronization, will that include DAW automation of parameters? If so I'm totally sold.

Woohoo! Still chomping at the bit for Soundplane but excited about Aalto coming out tomorrow! Will it be a digital download or a boxed product?

Thanks for the informative post!

September 7 is closer than I dared hope. Excitement sets in permanently...

I've been watching the RSS rabidly and this looks awesome! Are you looking for sound designers to create presets for this synth?

I'm late to the discussion, but let it be known I'm VERY excited about this device, which I just discovered yesterday.

For my part, I think the simplicity is key in this design. There are plenty of controllers out there with knobs, buttons and sliders, and the fact is that most of your prospective buyers probably already have a bunch of those things. I know I do.

I would prefer to have this device be as minimalist in appearance and function as possible. An expression pedal jack would be fine, as it wouldn't interfere with the wood theme too much, but knobs, especially with blinky lights, are not necessary in my opinion. If I want to complement it with knobs, I will use another controller with it.

That said, it appears that your design philosophy is quite sound and respectable, and I will likely purchase one no matter what you decide.