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hi ya'll

I would love to see a standalone version of aalto i could run fullscreen with a little audio recorder tucked away at the top to capture snippets on the fly (just like reaktor).

This would be a really great workflow for me.

Noted! This idea has been on the back burner but could definitely happen at some point.

When you are running under windows I can recommend A nice little stable VST- Standalone Host with recording features.

Andy BTW Randy. Whre are the T-Shirts? And can we except a freeware plugins series for WIN/Mac with the Aalto Reverb/Delay and the Kaivo Chorus?

All best

yup of course this can be done with a host

i have a live template specifically set up for sampling the whizzbangery output from a single aalto

but… would still prefer a standalone version as well ;)

aalto would look beautiful running full screen also!

I want to make more t-shirts but so far this takes a back seat to the "real" work. freeware plugins... probably as examples for an open-source project I am working on.

YES! A standalone would be supernice.

sure it would be nice to have standalone MadronaLabs synths, but as mentioned there are simple ways to host a plugin.

Standalone with an audio recorder.

I have been thinking about a very simple host with an audio recorder. doing it that way keeps the number of versions of things I have to build lower, which lets me make more things.

What is a simple host? One users necessity is another's complexity.
Eg why a recorder, but no midi clock? What about send fx, given virta?
Fullscreen would be nice, for small screens, but a bit bare for larger ones ;)

One idea, perhaps integrate it into the soundplane app?
(soundplane tabs could be hidden when not needed)
So no extra app to maintain, and could make the soundplane act like a standalone instrument (direct communication to plugin rather than IPC), similar to what eigenlabs did with eigend.

It makes sense that a "Madrona host" would have Soundplane input.

For something very minimal, savihost is a pretty cool idea.

Ableton Link looks interesting for syncing with other apps.

Adding a thumbs up for this since it's over a year since the last comment! A standalone by itself would be very nice indeed...

Probably lots to do beforehand but I'm listening.