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Hi Guys,

I just bought Kaivo after wondering for quite long if I wanted to get into using plug-ins at all. My present main axe, the Techncis WSA (Uh oh, Ancient!) can do about everything I want, including rather advanced sample based acoustic modeling (sounds familiar?) but it can not load user samples.

Now I have to find out how to get Kaivo running. I think I'dd actually prefer to run it individualy in something like VSThost, since I still do everything else in ultra stable dedicated hardware. That might seem archaic but the ergonomics of hardware can still not be beat. Any solution I'dd use for Kaivo should however be able to handle polyphonic aftertouch because that is very important to me.

O.K. I know that I should be ashamed that I dare to ask you buffs (some of you actually build your own Soundplanes!) but can somebody help me? Does anybody have experience with such hosts? Or should I still switch to something more advanced to get the poly aftertouch running?

Kind regards,

Marc Brassé

I'm not totally sure I understand, but if you are looking for stand alone SOFTWARE to run kaivo I just opened it fine in minihost (old and free).

If you are looking for stand alone HARDWARE my personal advice is just get a fairly quick rack mounted pc. Or just get a laptop for kaivo. I would imagine it works fine on any of the hardware units kicking around these days, but I don't have one to test.

Thanks Inductive,

Sorry If I was no totally clear but you answered the question anyway. For the time being I'dd prefer to run Kaivo as close to stand alone as possible, so without it being integrated into a full Workstation or Tracker environment.

The route for an accompanying hardware solution is clear enough. We have some laptops "lying around the house" (I am actually not that ancient. I thank you. :-)) and I also already own an early USB to MIDI interface.

I'll surely try Minihost and get back to you on the results

Marc Brassé