ForumsSoftware ← Kaivo works on my old laptop on Win XP!

Just purchased Kaivo after trying the demo.

Posting here to let others know that even if you have an old spec machine running Win XP, youshould give the demo a try and see if it runs in your system.

Sure, it is a bit heave, so you may need to bounce your performances to audio to save CPU. But the sounds you can get from Kaivo, you can get from nowhere else!



I also just bought Kaivo after wondering for quite long if I wanted to get into using pluginns at all. Now I have to find out how to get it running. I think I'dd actually prefer to run it individually in something like VSThost, since I still prefer to do everyhting else in in ultra table dedicated hagrdware. That might seem archaic but the ergonomics of hardware can still not be beat.

Any solution I'dd use for Kaivo should however be able to handle polyphonic aftertouch because that is very important to me.

Can you inform me how you set up Kaivo n htt XP. What did you use as a host? Any other tips?

Marc Brassé