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Hello everybody, I have decided to sell my Soundplane A. I bought it as part of the first run, serial number 0026. I've had it since the original release and have used it only in my home studio. I am asking $1650 and will include the soft travel case. It is in great condition with no blemishes and has always worked great for me. I prefer to ship in the US and buyer covers shipping cost. If you are interested and have questions feel free to email me at keithb.kelley AT gmail DOT com


Happy New Year everyone! I still have my Soundplane for sale, $1550 and I'll cover the shipping :)



Hi K, you might try the muffwiggler or monome forums as well! Those places are a bit more well-traveled...

Don't see a way to pm here. Are you at all interested in trades? I miss my soundplane, and would like to get one again. I'm thinking about putting my DSI pro 2 up for sale...

@droolmaster0, yeah, no way to PM here for now. I do know that cyanwave sold his Soundplane. I am planning to build one or two more from parts I have in stock after I finish the Aalto update, so please stay tuned.

ok. this was at an attractive price:) not that a new one is overpriced, but I just bought a Wiard 300 system, and don't have much in reserve. But I will keep my eyes out, and maybe I'll sell some more euro stuff in the interim.

Hey, is this still for sale? I'd be interested.

Muffwiggler is where I bought and sold my Soundplane.

Hi there, I'm intending to sell my soundplane, if anyone is still looking for one... It's still in perfect condition: I only used it a few times in studio. I'm selling it because I've moved to doing mainly installation projects, for which I don't need it any more.

I am asking 1650$ and take care of the shipment.


I am very interested. I've been looking for one for more than two years. Will buy for sure. I am in Canada but will pay shipping. You can contact me, i'll send the payment via Paypal if you want :

Hi Guillaume ! I have contacted you by email but got no response... maybe something went wrong with your email address ? If you're not interested anymore, please let us know, so other people can know it is still available... Cheers !

If you end up looking for another buyer, let me know—I’ve been wanting a Soundplane for quite a while now. mordeth[AT]idlers[Dot]us. Thanks in advance.