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I am really struggling with getting this to work in Ableton Live 9.1.4 and Aalto 1.5.0

I have followed the instructions in this thread

and its not responding the way i expected. It's not like i am new to using program change as i do it with several external synths.
I am using the midi clip pgm change slots in Ableton the same way as i would for anything else.

The instructions in the thread mention that the programs in the "MIDI Programs" folder should have a corresponding midi number at the end of them once Aalto has scanned them and i am not seeing this at all

sorry you're having trouble. I'm moving the location of the presets so I'll make sure to test that all this works for the 1.6 version coming very soon and apply any needed fixes.

It could be a problem with the "midi clip pgm change slots" as opposed to sending program change messages from a controller like I was doing. I'll test that case.

Excellent, i look forward to the update