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Randy, else some thoughts about load samples in x32 space.

The problem is that on x32 bit OS can load only 3-4 Kaivo instances (then RAM fully loaded). I understand that can manually reduce the size of samples library (but then of course the factory presets will not work correctly).

Maybe it would be possible in future to make the some switch to mode, at which the samples were loaded not all at once into memory, but only those that are currently being used in preset?

In addition, it seems strange to me that one loaded Kaivo instance take about 300 mb, but folder with the factory samples weighs about 100 mb. Maybe and with this something can do (may even a bug)?

Win7 x32 Daw Studio One

Hi Anatoly,

Thanks for bringing up the memory issue. I had to keep the code simple for 1.0 (just load all files), but I will figure out how to improve RAM use in future versions.

I believe reason the audio is so big in memory is that the files on disk are usually in a packed 16-bit format, while the buffers in memory are 32-bit float per sample.

The code for loading / unloading samples should not be rocket science, but it's the kind of thing I will need to test well with different DAWs so I know it's not causing problems anywhere.

O ok thanks!