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Hi Randy,

I've just discovered a strange CPU bug when I run Aalto 1.5 and Kaivo 1.1 simultaneous. In my case the single Aalto patch uses between 35-40% CPU the single Kaivo patch also. When both run simultaneous the CPU load drops down to 28-33 %.

Strange or? What's happening here?

Thanks again for you instruments, effort and support.


My Setup:
OS: Win7 64 Bit
CPU: i5 2.53 GHz
Graphic: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Audio Driver: ASIO4All

After thinking about it, I have no ideas about this. It would really depend on the host you are running in and how it reports CPU. Let me know and if I have that one on WIndows I will give it a try.

Hi Randy,

sorry I mentioned everything except the Host/App I'm using ... :-)

So ... I realized it within SAVIHost (to use Kaivo/Aalto Standalone) also the Windows Taskmanager reports the same behaviour. I will check this later also in my other DAW's Ableton Live and Audio Mulch.

Maybe it helps when I post the appendant patches?

Thank you so far