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I was wondering if you might consider adding a checkbox, on the Kaivo/Aalto sequencers, that would allow random stage selection for every incoming trigger. Sort of like the RANDOM SELECT input on the Serge TKB. It would allow for a lot of cool quasi-random activity without having to drastically change the GUI. Just a thought...

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

You can already achieve this in Kaivo, by using the noise module to create a random value for each trigger, then sending that value to the sequencer step offset.

I can see it would be cool to do this without using up the noise module, and also to allow it in Aalto. I have some sequencer enhancements planned for v.2 that should cover this and more.

Sounds good... thanks!

How would be a Trig Input for the Random (?) Button to randomize the whole sequence?