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Randy at first thanks for Kaivo, twisted it over night, really powerful stuff.

Now, about noticed the problem areas:

1a) It is possible situation when in Body Mode list selected state "None", but if try turn "body mix wet" knob then hear difference (ie some Mode are works). And then if just reselect mode again to None, body effect disappears.

Example preset which reproduce it: Kaivo Textures\doorway rhythms

1b) BTW maybe something wrong with just this preset ? Try do this:
Open Kaivo, and now open "Doorway rhythms", then try up Level (gate level), will be heard not only "doorway" wav, but also some phantom wave, form which sometimes depends on the previous preset (but it's exactly not the effect from resonator or body)

2) Sometimes after preset change, chorus tumbler may be visual in the wrong position, but if you simply move mouse cursor near to it, then it itself becomes in the right position.

As feature request: About "Save as version" command (very handy thing). But for example, if open a previously saved by this command preset with brackets [1], and if already there another preset with [2], then if apply "Save as version" to [1], it will erase existing [2]. It would be nice if it were as: "preset_name.[1][1]" (ie for not erase existing preset accidentally)

For now seems that all.

OS Win7 x32
CPU Intel Core Quad
DAWs Studio One, Ableton 9, Bidule (tested on all)

Hi and thank you for the feedback.

With "Doorway Rhythms" here is what I think is happening: you are still playing grains from the previous preset. All the wave sources are loaded into RAM, so that you can do smooth transitions between presets. With some settings a grain can take a long time to expire.

I am fixing some of the other problems for the next release coming very soon.

All the best! See you around.