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For folks using the AU version of Kaivo, or Aalto, or any other plugin, here is a Max patch showing ways to get all the numbers for each parameter of the plugin so that you can control the [vst~] correctly. This has made life easier for me. Here you go:

Kaivo parameter coll menu

One way is to fill a [coll], shown in yellow in the patch - just move the slider to find the parameter you want. Or just scroll using the number box.

Another way is to fill a [umenu], shown in blue; you can pick the parameter you want from the menu and its number is displayed. Or use the number box.

The patch uses Kaivo but will work for any plugin - just change the argument in the [vst~] to whatever, close your coll textfile, and re-load.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the parameters!

I updated that link with a more readable/cleaner patch.

Very nice! been putting off making this myself. thank you