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Hello, my first post here.

First for a small thing: i tend to resize the plugin window so it fills the whole screen. Problem is, if i close the window and open it again the size is back to default. Which is really annoying and renders the whole resizable GUI magic useless for me. I've tested this in Numerology, AUlab and Ableton - same story everywhere. I think this should be fixed or given as an option. Or maybe something's wrong with my computer only? Such an obvious thing, hard to believe it wasn't implemented.

Second problem i have with this instrument is the lack of easy MIDI mapping. I know, it's written in manual that we have to rely on the built-in mapping of the host, but it is not always convenient if you want to map lot of parameters. Again, i've tried to do it in the hosts i have access to: Numerology, AUlab, Ableton, too much work of setting things up instead of making music...
All the best!

For now the best performance host(not DAW) with easiest mapping from what i've tried is Audiomulch. Unfortunately, there seem to be a problem with it also: sometimes mapped controls do not affect parameters of Aalto at all, sometimes they strangely start to be mapped to another parameters...

I'm curious what people do to use Aalto with midi controllers? Or everybody owns max/msp here??

The window resizing should get remembered, so this sounds like a bug that may have popped up recently. Thanks for the report—I'll look into it.

Built-in MIDI mapping is something I will do in a future update. People keep asking me for it, so I know it's important to my customers, but doing it right will not be trivial.

Meanwhile I make sure MIDI mapping works well with the most popular DAWs, which are pretty much Ableton Live and Logic. I like Ableton's "configure" button approach to mapping.

FWIW, the remembering of the window size doesn't work in Kaivo (1.0) either.

It does work though in one situation - when leaving the resized window open, saving the Logic project and reopening it. When the window is closed (either by actively closing it or recalling a screenset) it doesn't.


Thanks for the details.