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No matter what I do! I placed Sound Packs from Xenonworks either in user/Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Aalto
or in
Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Aalto
the Aalto menu pops up with: No presets found to convert to AU format

Any help much appreciated!?!

Thanks in advance

I just looked into this, and verified that the preset converter is broken in Aalto 1.5. I'll fix this as soon as I can. With the Kaivo update coming out this week, it won't be right away. Thanks for your understanding.

did the preset converter get fixed?


cool :)

I'm having a problem with presets converting to AU format, so I just downloaded Aalto 1.5 from "My downloads" and reinstalled it, but the problem remains. Is the update with the fixed preset converter available for download yet?

The 1.6 update fixes the preset converter issue but is not out yet.

Thanks! I should probably stop buying Aalto presets until the update is available.

Or you can use the VST format for now. The update should be very soon.

Hi Randy any news on the Aalto update with the AU conversion fixed.I am having customers asking when they try to convert presets to AU for use in Logic.
Cheers Richard

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your patience, I know it's been a long time. I had a new run of Soundplanes in the shop, and those were taking up most of my work hours the past few months. Now that the Soundplanes are done, all my time will be going towards Aalto 1.6.

How do you use the VST format?

I mean, use the VST plugin.

Thanks Randy :-)

VST plugin on Yosemite is not closing the window and I've found the AU plugin to be more responsive to key (possible keyboard focus problem only on the VST).

I've a number of libraries that have VST presets that I'd like to use.

Oh, didn't know you could use the VST plugin to convert the presets. Thanks

I just meant, use the VST version to run the VST presets. Anyway, very soon this issue will go away...

good to know i will be finnaly abble to use my au preset on pc !